Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off the radar

Wow. I kind of forgot I even had this blog.

I've had some other priorities over the past couple of years, but maybe now I can attempt to get this thing up and running. We'll see.

The good news is that I moved and live a lot closer to work now. And while I've been less than enthusiastic about the weather this summer so far (it sure has been overcast a lot), the one blessing is that is has been extremely dry. I also got a bike with full fenders, which helps a lot with keeping clean in light rain or near areas where sprinklers have been running. And my boyfriend gave me a rack for panniers, which means no more sweaty back from having to wear a bag.

You know what that means? Commuting in my work clothes! Skirts, kitten heels, and scarves, mostly. It's been great. I know it won't last forever, because at some point the rain is going to make its return. But while I can, I am really enjoying it.

Coming soon: more photos (we hope).