Friday, June 20, 2008

Portland Cycle Chic

The majority of times I climb onto my bike, I am most definitely not cycle chic.

For one thing, my commute is just shy of 5 miles in each direction and I like to ride... well, sort of fast. For another thing, I work in an office with a "business casual" dress code. These do no make for a good combination if one wishes to ride to work in the clothes she intends to wear for the rest of the day. If I lived closer or could work in jeans and a t-shirt, I could pull it off... But alas, that is not my fate.

Such as things are, I am usually clad in assorted combinations of spandex, neon yellow, and waterproof fabric. Oh, and shoes with laces are out. I may not look that great, but at least I don't ruin the clothes I actually care about. And the real life saver is the locker room and warm shower awaiting me at my job. No matter what the weather is like, upon arrival I can put myself together in a somewhat "professional" manner.

That being said, almost nothing gives me greater joy than putting on a pretty dress, climbing onto my saddle, and pedaling off to my destination. I just don't get to do it as often as I'd like. In my leisure time, sure. Riding to brunch with friends, going to see a movie, Scrabble at a coffee shop... Sure. But Monday through Friday during rush hour, I'm stuck putting function ahead of fashion.

I was (obviously) inspired to start this site by Copenhagen Cycle Chic. But I see so many people riding bikes around Portland who look super fantastic that I thought we deserved our own site dedicated to those who can truly look good while riding a bike.

I think that bicycles could possibly be reaching a tipping point in Portland. I feel extremely lucky and privileged to be a part of such exciting changes. It's really something special to be part of a moment in time like this, and every time I get on my bike (be it in spandex or a pretty dress), I'm very thankful for it.


PDXK.TV said...

We have a Portland Cycle Chic ride rolling on Cinco de Mayo 2010. Here is the FB invite
and follow on

We'd love to have you all join us!

Cancelled if really raining.

mamberson said...

I love the blog.I would love to help out and send you photos to keep to keep it rollin. Are you interested in having some contribution assistance?
Have a great day!